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Bridgette D. Williams is a multi-talented book author and publisher. She has been a writer and a performing arts minister since her days as a youth.  


As an author and the owner of  Koa Publishing Company,  she believes that if you have a story to tell and the desire to write it, you should WRITE it.  Following her own convictions, she is a published poet and playwright, the author of two novels, and co-author of a biography. Bridgette says, “You cheat yourself out of the best chapters of your life when you don’t follow your dreams.” Bridgette is a mentor and coach for writers of all genres.


On stage and behind the camera, Bridgette has been a writer, script editor, actress, director, producer, and mime artist/choreographer. Her performing arts career includes five-stage performances of her play Mama’s Diary, an extra actress in Ramona Leigh Taylor's award-winning short movie, "Relativity Redux",  the co-producer/understudy for "Bernice" in New Castle's version of August Wilson's  Piano Lesson, and many more performances.



Presently, Bridgette is serving her writer clients with publishing & writing services, promoting her spa products and latest novel, Honor Thy Spouse.



     The Author, The Artist

                 The Story

                            Books By Bridgette D. Williams

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 Order Honor Thy Spouse from Koa Publishing Company's Shop. Click on the Buy a Book button.

Mama's Diary can  be ordered from Koa Publishing Company,,, and

        By Amanda Boone Brown and 
Co-Authored by Bridgette D. Williams
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