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Bridgette D. Williams is a multi-talented book author and publisher. She has been a writer and a performing arts minister since her days as a youth.  


As an author and the owner of  Koa Publishing Company and Mommy Bee Books for Young Learners, LLC. She believes that if you have a story to tell and the desire to write it, you should WRITE it.  Following her own convictions, she is a published poet and playwright, the author of two novels, and two children's books under the pen name of Mommy Bee. Bridgette says, “You cheat yourself out of the best chapters of your life when you don’t follow your dreams.” Bridgette supports the dreams of others as a mentor and coach for writers.


On stage, in filmed productions, and behind the scenes, Bridgette has been a content creator, writer, script editor, actress, director, producer, and mime artist/choreographer. Her performing arts career includes five-stage performances of her play Mama’s Diary, an extra actress in Ramona Leigh Taylor's award-winning short movie, "Relativity Redux",  the co-producer and understudy for "Bernice" in New Castle's version of August Wilson's  Piano Lesson, and many more performances. She is a content creator for online and in-person events for Koa Publishing Company, Mommy Bee Books for Young Learners, Fantasies and Oddities Comic Con (2018), Kidz Comic Con Book Festival (2023), and other businesses. 



Presently, Bridgette continues to write and serve her writing clients with publishing & writing services.


The Author
The Artist

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