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 By Bridgette D. Williams        


Justine Silva had done her best to raise her three daughters properly, but something went wrong. Farlinda is losing herself and tries to gain control by being her own "god". Gretchen never knew her worth. She seeks love and esteem in a life syle of promiscuity and self-indulgence. Life is just beginning for Shantise as she polishes hers stage performance skills in hip hop and prepares to sign a recording contract.  Their dying mother writes and dedicates a "diary"  to encourage them as they struggle with illness, fear, sacrifice, abandonment, and over indulgence.  Will Justine's daughters remain the same or discover a new life that only God can give them?

Mama's Diary can  be ordered from Koa Publishing Company,,, and

Book Review on the back cover

"The unconditional, yet poignant love of a mother often touches the very depth of her seed and, when applied carefully, has the potential to speak intrinsically as to the purpose, focus, and motivation for being. In Mama's Diary there lies the essence, in word, thought and deed, of such love. Justine's observations and evaluations are gingerly scripted as she adequately, yet eloquently, introduces and carries us through the lives of her three precious jewels. You will be captivated from start to finish and even moved to act likewise within your own family context. An enlightening must-read for all."


Nina  Fitzhugh Wells, Chief  Publisher

Kingdom Publishing Group, Inc.

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