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  • Bridgette D. Williams

Beyond the Passion

The purpose for my passion is to write the stories of life which transports the reader to the dreamy location of the mind. Our world of people, nature, man-made structures, and places exists as the backdrop for an alternate dimension before us. It's a place where everything and anything good or bad can happen. The name of this place is Fiction.

So, I chose fiction as my writing genre due to its extremely flexible nature. Life can be written as is or with a twist of fantasy, a touch of miracles or a journey into the unknown. Fiction takes the reader from reality to unlimited possibilities. Readers enjoy fiction because they are temporarily removed from their present world of stress to places where dreams come true.

During my graduate studies, bibliotherapy for children was the focus of my research. I read and reviewed dozens of children's books and teen novels which helped the reader cope with the absence or loss of a parent. Through this research and field study, I've observed children, from six to sixty, find their serenity in the pages of stories they can relate to. The characters have their problems, their weaknesses and abilities. Books show them that they're not alone in their struggle.

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